Avocados, Fruits of the Gods and more!

Wednesday, October 18th

Veggie Talk this week:

  • Avocado prices are finally coming down, just in time for wet weather, sports and guacamole bingeing.
  • The Fruit of the Gods are with us, the Hachiya persimmon. Hachiya persimmons are rounded, slightly elongated and acorn-shaped, coming to a blunted point at their non-stem end. When fully ripe the fruits are a beautiful deep orange. Another indicator of ripeness is that the fruit should feel like a water balloon when resting in your hand. The skins are thin, similar to a tomato. The flesh is even deeper orange in color and more striking then the skin. When ripe the flesh is jellied in texture. The flavor is candy sweet and possesses nuances of baking spices, raisins and brown sugar.
  • Try the Cippolini (pronounced chip-oh-lee-knee), onion. Cipollinis are about the size of a golf ball with a slightly flattened appearance. They’re thin-skinned and have translucent white flesh with more residual sugar than your average yellow or white onion.Which makes them incredible for roasting or caramelizing. Roasted whole in the oven or cooked in a little butter on the stove top, cipollinis become soft and practically melt in your mouth. Those residual sugars caramelize and concentrate, leaving behind none of the astringent raw onion flavor.Seriously, you haven’t had caramelized onions until you’ve made them with cipollini onions. Even you onion-haters out there might be swayed!
  • Chanterelle mushrooms, Brussel sprouts and naval oranges are only one to two weeks away.
  • Cranberries are here, what is your favorite cranberry recipe?

Keeping it fresh, and Uniquely Port Townsend!