The Solvents | Acoustic Sundays

Sunday, Jul 16th


Members of The Solvents

Jarrod Paul Bramson: Guitar, Piano, Production, Vocals

Emily Madden: Violin, Vocals

“Port Townsend’s Solvents are a never-ending story of songs, shows and “Mid-Fi” home recordings. Multiple tours across Europe and around the US have helped the duo hone its live skills as well as inspire the songwriting. In their “Victorian Parlor” recording room, (in the 9th house built in Port Townsend) the music produced is on a shoestring budget and is free to choose anyway it wants to go. They are currently working on their 10th or 12th album, Memory Shreds, which should be done someday…”

Upstairs in the loft at Aldrich’s
940 Lawrence Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Family Friendly!